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. it is startling. >> very angry and fed up. what are we, is this america? i don't know. i don't know. i don't like it. we are going downhill. >> i came here four or five years ago, expected we came here for a better life, opportunity, and this is what we come from. this is ridiculous. not how it is supposed to be. gerri: it wasn't just residents. take a look at the front page of "the new york post." an abuse of power, there were two generators being used for the marathon to power the media tent. a third backup generator that wasn't being used. for more on this, joined by adam shapiro in staten island where he has been reporting all day long, and editor-in-chief of runner's world which follows all of this. i will start with you, what has been the response from people you have been talking to all day long about this idea of having a marathon in the wake of sandy? >> people wanted it canceled. when it was announced it was being canceled i asked lice officers what they felt about it and they responded in unison "good." now a girl we spoke to earlier, you got choked up, you're very emotional that the m
. >> it is my pleasure. gerri: here's our question tonight. four years from now, do you think america will be better or worse off? la mancha i will share the results of the end of tonight's show. more on the fiscal cliff, i am joined by governor george pataki. the proportion of folks who think the u.s. will be worse off in four years has doubled in the past four years. does this come as a surprise to you? >> it does not. but i would answer the question very differently. this is the united states. we are still america, we are still a free country. for all the screw ups that we see, we have dealt with i for four years and i think that we can move forward. gerri: maybe we will. i have seen strange government policies come out of republicans and democrats and their administrations. i was mentioning before that there is talk that there is some deal in the works with jeff miron, it might involve another sequtration. so another axle for congress to do something. big spending cuts if they don't get their act together. is that the answer? >> no, the answer is to face up to the
are the united states of america. gerri: why didn't we hear this four years ago? >> we did. and eight years ago when a bomb gave the speech to the illinois state senators. and insisting i'm higher tax rates boater has agreed to the republicans on the super committee agreed to greater revenues the large benefit to those. gerri: of the high tax reform to bring down rates. >> that is the obvious direction. taxes with people over the year and every generation we need to clean off the barnacles and done on the bipartisan basis by reagan, packwood, it is possible to do this. to put that caboshed to assist don higher tax rates. >> talk about boehner but let's talk about harry reid. here is what he had to say. >> to be as conciliatory as possible i want to work together and to understand and they cannot push us around. gerri: what? >> i am willing to work with anybody by he wants to go back to clinton in tax rates creating 23 million jobs. and for these rates you will be campaigning in you'll see bill clinton play of role to broker the deal, make the case publicly but to solve the problem out on the tr
day, when when bank of america said they would charge customers a $5 fee to access their own money with their debit card, here of my response. >> i'm going to show bank of america just what i think of their fees. i know you are mad too. gerri: bank of america was not only bank that thought about changing such a fee, because much so much public backlash it never went into effect, bank transfer day, soon resulted. but how successful was it let's ask bill cheney, ceo of the credit union nation association, welcome back, how successful was your effort. how many people signed on with credit unions? >> it is great to be with you again. thank you so much, 2.2 million people over 12 month period, the latest numbers are for june of 2012, so, it includes time before and after bank transfer day, 2.2 million net new members. gerri: is that more than usual? >> absolutely. to put in perspective average over last 10 years with 1 million a year, 2. who million is more than double that and the year prior to, that ending june of 2011, 550,000, it is 4 times growth we saw the year before, something h
in an america that is not burdened by debt or threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet. i look forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. we have more work to do. >> well, i watch the president's speech and on global warming, and really stuck out because what has happened? the iea, just a few monthago said that the u.s. has reduced its co2 emissions. why hasn't happened? because of natural gas. clearly, what will happen the next four four years, the obama administration and the epa are going to continue imposing regulations on the coal industry, which will lead to more natural gas fired genetion capacity in the u.s. but i think it is clearly also going to leave to more cool exports from the united states. gerri: so that is not reducing demand -- listen, here's what they had to say about this. current administration policies conclude the new cool lace plans. these have skewed the market against coal. you agree? >> well, i think that is kind of the case. you have a lot of regulations in place that are puttin
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, so it is a very, very important deadline that, while most of the people in america were focused on tuesday, the real day that is most important to people that are running companies around the country is december 301st and making sure that we have heard this unbelievably important moment. gerri: a pleasure having both of you want. it is going to be interesting to see how this plays out and we will have you back to talk more. thank you for helping as. >> pleasure to be here. >> thank you so much. gerri: to want to know what you think. here is our question. the fiscal clef. , the day, drive right over, pedal to the metal. log on to, but on the right hand side of the screen and ellis said results at the end of the show. we have more coming up in the hour, including what is next for the republican party after losing the white house this week. did they need to make changes are go full speed ahead? we will ask our political panel. in next, a tale of two maps. i was show you the numbers i believe a behind the reelection and why it is a dangerous path to be on for america
for congress. here's what he had to say. >> if congress does nothing, every family in america will see their taxes automatically go up at the beginning of next wreer. right now, as we speak, congress can pass a law that would prevent a tax hike on the first $250,000 of everybody's income. gerri: there's the president calling out congress. what do you have to say, congressman? >> yeah, here we go in the middle of this. the house passed all our tax things in april. we passed the sequestering documents in may. we waited for the senate since may to reciprocate on that. the senate and white house sat on it, and they said we'll see you in the lame duck period. now it's lame duck, and now they want to get started when we finished or work in may on it. it's been frustrating in the process. it's the same song, 38th verse on it, waiting for the senate to get it going. now we're actually going, and the president now says you can clear the table on this. the reality is this is not a tax issue. it never has been a tax issue. we have the same amount of revenue coming in in 2012 that we had in 2007,
administration with regard to cutting this level of debt that the united states knows. america is heading for an economic catastrophe. it is a slow-moving sort of trained crash. gerri: i think that train is being of every single day. to you. imperial presidency. not only imperial. it's on hiatus. the talks have been outsourced. the very man who negotiated the biggest bailout of banks in u.s. history. i think his choice of a negotiator is even problematic at this point. >> i completely agree. if you think back to the start of the first administration, he had his problems getting confirmed because of that the year to pay taxes. he's not well loved. he is an intro figure in the bailout of the banks and their supervision money was at the new york fed. this is not an ideal person to carry the message to the help. the message itself as dangerous. i agree 100 percent. this is not a message for the american people, international markets. and that you think it is an example of the administration misunderstanding the election. it is true that the president of reelected with a very, very powerful ta
and not raising taxes. the one i hear what you're saying. i understand wht you're saying. but the rest of america may not agree. 51% of americans say that we will go over the fiscal cliff. when they talk about who is to blame, guess who they blame? they blame the gop. 53% blame your part for taking the country over the fiscal cliff. when you say that? >> i'm not worried about that. i'm worried about aborting this fiscal cliff. the same decision based president two years ago. and he agreed to extend what is now the bush and obama tax rates. particularly for small businesses, it is critical that we don't raise their taxes when we are asking them to create jobs. the american people and the election did not give them a mandate to raise taxes. gerri: that is the source of the huge disagreement. >> at the end of the day, they returned a strong majority to the republicans had a house where they gave the president a narrow 51% margin of victory. that is not a mandate. most folks that were polled do not want to raise taxes to reduce the deficit. that is pretty clear. what they want to do is make sure that
is happening with america. as people make themselves rich rich by making america four. would he say? >> i think this is ridiculous. look at the number of companies have gone bankrupt like u.s. airlines. general motors, chrysler. the list goes on and on. that is when union membership has hit another record low this year. they orgnize these companies and they make them uncompetitive. they makthem less flexible. the companies go ut of business. gerri: he made that poi earlier. this is the biggest workforce in the country. some 1 million workers, they want to be unionized. is it possible to just the opposite is happening now? we got a long-term trend of decline in membership, now unions are starting to gain ascendancy? >> it's hard to say. that is out of a workforce that is out of the million workers. 160 or so workers, those ho want a union, yes, there is a reason why they have lost every election they have had. they can't find one store where there is a majority of wal-mart employees that want to join the union. you look at hostess, it's not hard to see why not. gerri: interesting. have a great
and ceo of heart of america group. thank you for coming on the show. how worried are you about this fiscal cliff? >> well, i just had a great pleasure of spending a multi our meeting yesterday with multiple outside accountants as they went through various spreadsheets showing step by step of how the fiscal cliff is going to let hit hard at america. we will create jobs right now, and all i can tell you is, it don't look pretty. gerri: how severe will it be? will you actually have to get rid of staff? does it just to lay your expansion plans? >> it diverts your attention. it certainly is going to divert money resources. clearly. and next week i have two more fun meetings, one that will take a bunch of time on the state tax planning because they now believe that they should have 45 percent of everything else by create in my life and we will waste a bunch of time and money on that and then we will go into an all-day meeting with outside experts on how obamacare is going to cost a company time and money. it's an onslaught. gerri: an onslaught and a triple whammy. want to get through some number
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, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dam. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. >> some critical comments. >> we were without power trice in 2004 you did not cover that at all. typical the your city arrogance. >> it is true their most focus on their own problems but i don't think we're guilty. here i am covering the host of recent storms. >> hurricane is it downgraded to a tropical storm. homeowners find themself in the path should be on the lookout. maybe only a tropical storm now with the damage it leaves will be $1 billion. >> i believe it was the biggest storm death threat and many lives in more than 20 states. damage was extreme.
of america gave the government to the status quo. we are back to where we started in september. the president has a huge do over, and it is his obligation to leave history this. republicans have said we are willing to talk about revenue, but democrats have to be serious on spending. so this idea that anyone has the upper hand is exactly why a deal is not been done. the deal as on the teeseven deal is only as good as it is for both parties. the agreement is honored in the breach. the fact of the matter is the president wants to jump off the cliff. he is not taking republicans with him because the republican party is going to stay true to their principles, but we are able to compromise if there is good faith on the other side. gerri: well, an interesting comment today from the spokesman saying obama should target congressional democrats who want to raise taxes on small business. here's what he had to say. democrats control -- continue to rule out spending cuts. the target of the president's rally should be the congressional democrats who want to raise taxes on small business rather than cut spe
for america's energy policy. we assumed it was safe to betshw that the president would bebethe doubling down on his re administration. his new >> i hope he takes a differente tack. we see solyndra, begin, begin pr power to raise fuel. gerri: we just show a whole list . >> and it is extraordinarily costly for the taxpayer. a better path if he is really interested in green technologyis or clean technology is setsted e reform the research and development efforts at the federal level so that if there is some breakthrough to be att3 the federal government can findh eakthr clearly this venture-capital model has failed. gerri: some breakthrough to be found : company have found it already? and me, that seems to be the>> u lows to of theld most the president gave us a little sneak peek in his acceptance he speech. a listen to this.s >> we want our children to live in america that not burdened byi debt, not threatened by thebuen destructive power of zero warming planet. a i am looking forwardin to reachg out and working with leaders off both parties to meet theing wieo challenges we can on
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models in italy, including jeeps, for export to north america. now, is that true or is that false? >> that is absolutely true, and prior to that there was a bloomberg report that did say that the yacht was going to be building jeeps in china, possibly old jeeps, so that is where the governor romney got that information. now, there was one slight inaccuracies under the romney and where he said the obama administration sold chrysler to the italians. he didn't. he gave it to them. the only thing they paid up front was some technology they transferred. did not even pay any money for it. gerri: you're saying possibly the ad is to kind. >> yes. it is. it is true that china part of it is true. what was a little unclear was originally the bloomberg article said that they might build of jeeps in china. that doesn't appear to be true. it will build some for the chinese market, but also, there is still a risk that there will export these things. the italian story is a little more concerning because the need to get some cars built in factories that are underutilized in italy. during the confe
and campaign events for both candidates and closely watched debates, america chooses who will lead the most important democracy for the next four years. the first set of polls in the nation to close will be in indiana and kentucky, but all eyes are on the swing states, many believe it will decide the election. polls in virginia close at 7:00 eastern with north carolina the subject of the battle for ohio and parts of florida behind. they close at 7:30. the results will come fast on on battleground states indicative of how independent voters ultimately all voters will decide this race. as tight as they have been nationally, four years ago president obama became the first democratic and 44 years to win virginia. going into election day today, virginia's 13 editorial votes are considered to be in play and virginia remains a state both campaigns deemed critical to the editorial college victory. governor romney's path to victory narrowing considerably without virginia. sending the first lady for last-minute rally yesterday. the home of this year's democratic national convention and the 15 editori
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felt was the solution to the auto industry challenged in america, and he was not able to redefine himself in those areas. blue-collar areas, people want to believe that their leader in the white house would be there for them and would do all that they could to make sure how that the industry would be their for their children's jobs. neil: do you get a sense, governor, that the of the bailout, if it costs the romney folks michigan and it could hurt them in some of the real union strongholds in ohio, enough to compensate or white however gain romney was experiencing with independent voters, that that, and his explanation for his opposition will come back to really hurt him tonight. >> i think that key in this election has been the other bailout. and romney is handling -- at least the answers to the questions about what would you have done had he been president and the auto industry was suffering as greatly as it was, his handling of the questions and his campaign handling of the questions was not as powerful as it should have been. and, you know, that's not to be pessimistic through
is have the -- heavily dominated. four more years of a trickle of poverty from america's sugar daddy. how long before the country goes bankrupt? finally tonight, who does not love a parade? this year's thanksgiving day extravaganza in new york city was the most watched in six years. now there is a bit of a scandal brewing. some of the confetti was actually shredded up police documents. a manhattan attorney an
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 55 (some duplicates have been removed)